Quality Process



For a translation work to be completed properly, it is vital to follow a quality certified process. Every client has unique needs. Our job is to understand those needs, and to provide our clients with suitable solutions.

1-     Industry knowledge

Translating is not a simple task. Both for texts, videos or audios, specific knowledge is required of the topics concerned for the final product to be clear and natural in the target language. Translating a medical file on surgery is not the same as translating the insert of a drug under development or a document on a new treatment approved for a particular disease. Each field requires very specific training and a style of its own. Choosing the correct translator is our first step to achieve a quality product.

2-     Timing

When starting a new project, we clearly define the deadline and the budget. Then we choose a Project Manager that will be the link between the client and the work team. From this moment on, we work on the adaptation of the content and we go ahead with the project. The work is completed and delivered by the established deadline.

3-     Variety of formats | Desktop Publishing

Another key factor is the wide variety of formats of the files that require translation: software, web applications, mobile applications, graphics, long texts. For this reason, Life Sciences Translation has a team of programmers and designers that work together with translators to ensure the original format is maintained.

4-     Proof of quality

Once the adaptation of the content is completed, our team thoroughly goes through the finalized project. This way, we make sure that the translated version is clear, that it works correctly with the rest of the site or the application that is being translated, and that it meets all the functionality requirements agreed on with the client.

5-     Quality control

Our quality control process includes software that automatically checks spelling, grammar, and numerical and terminological consistency. Besides, a translator thoroughly reviews the material to ensure consistency and quality.

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