Pharmaceutical content is highly regulated and can be extremely hard to understand without the appropriate skills and, above all, cultural sensitivity. Fast-paced research and the development of new drugs and procedures along with increasing requirements of local and federal governments are driving up the demand for translation services. Translation quality is essential for these companies to achieve their goals; communications must be prepared in a way that they can be understood by both average patients and medical professionals. Life Sciences Translation can help you go through the process from adapting or creating relevant sales materials, website localization and cultural adaptation to social media and digital marketing.

We can help you translate, transcribe and format all your files, interviews and videos promptly and accurately into multiple languages, allowing you to successfully launch your medical enterprises.

The types of documents we translate include:

  • Clinician Reported Outcomes (CROs)
  • Case report forms
  • Clinical trials protocols
  • General product labels
  • Informed consent forms
  • Patient diaries
  • Patents
  • Protocols/study plans
  • Research articles
  • Study reports

ISO certified translations that will reduce your exposure to risk and help you expand your market presence

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