We are a translations company specialized in the health care industry (Life Sciences). We help our clients optimize their scientific, academic and business communications in all the territories and languages. For that purpose, we have a committed team, the latest technology in localization and translation tools, a careful project management process, and the best professionals with experience in the different areas of health. Thus, we achieve to provide our clients with top-quality linguistic solutions.

Translation of Medical Devices content

Medical Devices

We have a certified process to guarantee your product content suits your target market taking the risk out of your translation process.

Translation of pharmaceutical content


We translate, transcribe and format all your files, interviews and videos promptly and accurately into multiple languages, allowing you to successfully launch your global products.

Translation of Clinical research content

Clinical research

Fully outsourced translation, integration with CRO’s service delivery, regional language support and document management and reporting.

Translation of Animal Health Content

Animal Health

Specialized literature, ad and marketing content and packaging. We make sure the final product (translation) is linguistically correct and true to the source, both in content and layout.

Specialized translation for health care

Health care

High quality health care and medical translation services to facilitate communication among health providers, patients and communities.

Specialized translation service for Marketing contents


We adapt your messages channeled through marketing instruments and media, so you can reach clinicians, health care professionals, consumers and patients in different markets.

ISO certified translations that will reduce your exposure to risk and help you expand your market presence

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