We are a content-adaptation company specialized in the health care industry (Life Sciences) and part of the Idea Translations Group.

Regulatory requirements, technology and the increasing demand for information are forcing health care providers to communicate accurately and efficiently in different languages. In the USA alone, the Hispanic community reaches 40 million people. Therefore, having a reliable partner on whom to delegate the correct translation of any type of content is vital for every medical company operating in this country. We have experience in translating any type of documents like clinical studies, hospital brochures, medical prescriptions and insurance claims, among others. We have a team of specialized linguists, including communications specialists, occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and social workers that help us validate content so it is not only accurate but also suitable for a specific audience. Our goal is to provide our clients with integral solutions for their multilingual translation and localization needs. We have a committed team, the latest technology in translation and localization tools, a careful project management process, and the best professionals with experience in the different medical areas. Thus, we achieve to provide our clients with top-quality linguistic solutions at the most competitive rates in the industry.

MISSION: To contribute to the success of our clients with global presence, helping them optimize their scientific, academic and business communications. Life Sciences Translation is the ideal partner when venturing into a new market. We will help you deliver a clear message, in any language, at the right time.

ISO certified translations that will reduce your exposure to risk and help you expand your market presence

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